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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news in morning, july 9th, eight people, including two young children, are injured in two separate crashes as police chase a suspect driving a hummer. and the the jaycee dugard case is a story of failures of two separate entities that were supposed to monitor phillip garrido. >> good morning. the clouds are rolling on into the bay this morning. >> good morning. 8 people are injured this morning after a stolen hummer being chased by the chp got into two separate crashes in vallejo last night. it hit a cart car at 9:30,
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slightly injuring two teenagers. the hummer took off again and crashed into three more cars about a mile away. a mother, father and their two young boys, ages five and two, were seriously injured. the five-year-old was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland. the woman in another car was also injured. the hummer overturned and trapped the injured 17-year-old driver inside. the chp said he has a long juvenile record and now faces multiple new charges, including felony hit-and-run. police from several east bay agencies are searching for a gun who fired a gun at a hay word police officer last night. the officer was not injured. it triggered an all-outman hunt. there are no reports of anyone being arrested. the police are sweeping the area. the federal judge released a scathing report about phillip
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garrido before he kidnapped jaycee dugard. there are dozens of cases where federal parole agents failed to properly monitor garrido. >> next month will mark two full years of freedom for jaycee dugard. her and her mother will never forget the phone call that came at the end ever 18 years of captivity. >> i remember you shouting, we found her, my daughter. and i was crying and you were crying and you can't speak. i just said come quick. >> two days before her exclusive abc news television appearance, chief u.s. district judge james ware of san francisco has released a confidential 45-page report detailing how federal parole officers repeatedly botched the supervision of dugard's kidnapper, phillip garrido. he had been on federal parole from 1988 to 1999, during which
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time he kidnapped the young dugard from lake tahoe. the report said even though garrido was a high-risk sex offender, home visits were rare. it said officers never verified if garrido registered as a sex offender and failed to notify state and federal reports about garrido's failed drug tests. >> normally you can't sue the state or federal government because of what is called immunity. >> they said there will be hurdled if dugard decides to sue the federal government. she has a $20 million settlement with the state of california. in 1999 state parole agents took over the job of watching garrido at his antioch home, but failed to discover dugard. >> and i think with the time that phillip garrido is convicted of, kidnapping and raping another woman in a shed, it would be clear he would do it again if they didn't monitor him closely. i don't think they just dropped
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the ball, they are responsible for him holding her captive so long. >> there is a two-year stat suit of limitations on negligence, which would presumably expire after august 26th, dattity that philip and nancy garrido were arrested two years ago. abc7 news. >> you can watch diane sawyer's entire interview some sunday. the palo alto gun buy back program was begun after a oddler was shot to death by a boy who found a gun in a garage. no id is required, but guns will be systemically checked to make sure they are not stolen.
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sellers must keep them unloaded in the trunk of their car and stay inside the car until contactedpy staffers at city hall on university avenue. there are still no answers as to what caused thursday night's deadly plane crash in watsonville. a family of four onboard died when the plane hit near the community hospital. we have the report on the family and the investigation. >> my big brother looking out for me. seems like we are going to see him walk in the door. >> john houghton still can't believe his brother is dead. david, his wife, dee^dee, and their sons, ryan and luke, were on their way near yosemite to meet john and the rest of the family when they crashed. this little boy laid plowers at the crash scene. this is cellphone video taken by a witness soon after the plane crashed near watsonville community hospital. the ntsb is in charge of finding out what happened.
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investigators picked through the charred remains. >> we look at the man, the machine and the environment. when we look at the man we look at the pilot, his or her training, his or her experience or his or her experience in the air craft type. >> david houghton started flying a few years ago. he bought the plane last year. investigators won't speculate on a cause for this crash, but houghton's friends have their own ideas. >> probably the airplane stalled and lost altitude. when you lose altitude on takeoff, there isn't any -- there isn't enough altitude to recover from a stall. >> authorities confirm david, dee^dee and the boys died instantly. >> they are just an incredible family. they do so much. if you need a hug, a smile, anything, the houghtons, they were the people. >> it's bad enough to see one of them get injured, let alone die, let alone have the whole family go down in one shot like this. >> the ntsb will release a nato
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report in the next ten days, but it will take close to a year before the final findings of published. in watsonville, abc7 news. >> a man was killed in pescadero affeldt he fell 100 feet from a cliff yesterday. firefighters say the man had been fishing with his family and decided to walk to the cliff top. that's when he slipped and fell. his family tried to revive him with cpr but firefighters say it was too late. police and firefighters are monitoring anker near oakland science center after fire burned about an arcker on skyline boulevard. firefighters thought it was first intentionally set but now they say an overheated car sparked the fire >> a man accused of swiping a picasso drawing off the wall of a san francisco art gallery is not talking about the charges against him but he is asking for help. mark lugo is being held on $5 million bail in connection with the heist of the pencil drawing.
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cameras were not allowed inside, but lugo said he does not want a public defender. he said since this is such a high profile case, he wants a high profile defense attorney who will take the case pro bono. the ntsb has released a nato report on the amtrak plane crash last month that killed six people in nevada. the big rig slammed into the bay area bound train east of reno. a fire broke out in. the crossing gates and warning lights they found worked properly. they found skid marks from the truck but it failed to stop before reaching the crossing. coming up next, an icon of american politics passes away. more on the life of first lady betty ford. and space shuttle atlantis on its way to the international spacestation and on its way to history. we will show you the empty
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i trust it. and pediatricians recommend it most. i love this nose. coppertone. embrace the sun. >> eats part of the game, fans catching foul balls or those tossed into the stands by play. but a father lost his life trying to make a catch thursday night at the a's-rangers game in texas. it has rocked the baseball world. >> it was supposed to be a father-son bonding moment. ones that dreams are made of. >> his son cried out, daddy! my husband grabbed the boy so he wouldn't see it. >> shannon stone, a texas firefighter, reached over the railing to catch a balls to bid ranger outfielder josh hamilton. >> just as the ball hit his hand, it threw him off balance and he fell headfirst.
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>> he fell 20 feet on a concrete floor behind the board that holds up the jumbotron. >> he reached out to grab it. i reached out to grab him and he went straight down headfirst. >> he left conscious and alert enough to ask about his son but an hour later he was dead. >> it is to the core about what we are about and the memories that we try to make in this game for our fans. >> major league baseball will review this incident with every club to ensure fan safety. if it could happen here, could it happen anywhere? a spokesperson for the san francisco giants who host the new york mets tonight told abc7 news that the organization will look with a fresh set of eyes at any julyner acts that may exist here at at&t park. in san francisco, abc7 news. a bay area soldier has been killed in afghanistan. the sergeant of san jose died tuesday in nost when his unit
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was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. he leaves behind a wife and two children from a previous marriage. he was 36 years of age. former first lady betty ford spoke her mind no matter how unpopular some of her comments were. she died yesterday after the death of her husband, gerald ford. many admire her for her candor in the white house, including her support for abortion white in a republican white house. she suffered from breast cancer and arthritis, along with addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. she's also remembered by thousands of recovering addicts who credit the betty ford center for saving their lives. she was 93. she will be buried beside gerald ford in michigan. the shuttle atlantis will dock with the international spacestation one last time after
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blasting off yesterday for the final space mission. >> two, one, zero, and liftoff! the final liftoff of atlantis! >> an estimated 1 million people watched as it lifted off from the kennedy space center. it will bring a year of supplies to the spacestation, including food. former and current employees at the research center celebrated the bittersweet moment. the facility features giant wind tunnels. it ensures crews return home safely. >> we brought a sample of the tile from florida, prepared for the test, ran it at the test conditions the shuttle would encounter in the atmospheric entry and certified that it would survive. >> atlantis will spend twelve days in space before returning to earth on july 20th. this marks the 135th mission since columbia first lifted off back in 1981. the economy has some americans giving up some of
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their basic luxuries. a new harris poll finds 21% of people say their morning cup of coffee has become too much of a financial burden. and 46% of americans are now taking lunch to work instead of buying it. the poll also found more than three quarters of shoppers who admit starting to cutback have started buying generic brand products there. are a few things they aren't prepared to give up,, cellphone service and driving their own cars to work. >> i was surprise bed giving up the coffee. >> me too. >> there are ways to minimize the costs of that coffee, but you have to have it, don't you? >> absolutely. i already had a cup: as you head outside, it's cool. the fog is back. emeryville kind of dark, can't see much this morning. the sun is up at 5:56. clouds extend from the bay. we will talk about a cooler weekend and what about the week ahead? i'll tell you next. >> all right. also next, nate schierholtz
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are some clouds in the city, but concord and livermore are still clear, as well as san jose. but the clouds are banked up along the shoreline and they will be spreading locally inland this morning. so after that we have some sunshine to count on throughout the day. it should be nice, but this morning it is cooler around the bay. 54 in oakland, 59 in mountain view, 54 san jose. and 60 in in red wood city. our highlights, yeah, we have the fog this morning. cooler area-wide today. the temperatures will continue to come down and bottom out into the middle of next week, setting the stage for temperatures about 15 degrees below the average. so here's why. we've got a trough of low pressure in the pacific northwest. it is to the north of us, but it will be buckling and spreading a bit to the south. that's going to increase our onshore flow, bring temperatures down. the low clouds and fog are going to really increase day-to-day. that will allow for the cooler
5:20 am
pattern to develop along the work week. so be prepared for that. but you may welcome the change due to the warmer weather in our inland valleys. but statewide notice, yeah, really cooling off from the upper 50s in eureka, low 70s in los angeles with 59 in big sur. mild throughout most of the area from the sierra nevada, 60s and 70s. in terms of highs today, pretty nice out there. talking upper 70s to around 80. 84 saratoga, 78 sunnyville. mid-os's here but we are back into the upper 50s with the low clouds and fog hanging tough throughout most of the day here. 59 in half moon bay with 76 in man low park. san francisco coming in at 63 today. so that will be down from your average high near 70. really it's kind of a rough go
5:21 am
if you are doing that avon walk. we've got that all weekend long. it will be a little cool to get you to those morning temperatures. by the afternoon pretty nice out there. sonoma and napa into the upper 70s. 76 vallejo. near 60 berkeley with 74 union city. out over the hills, if you have been waiting for the cool down, it's here. just low to mid-80s today. 84 pleasanton with 87 brentwood. 84 in gilroy. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the temperature spread, upper 50s in the coast to mid-80s inland. no real change tomorrow but as we head toward the middle part of next week we are talking highs only near 80 or the upper 70s. it's not going to feel too much like summer but today comfortable for the folks waiting for the cooler air inland. >> lisa, thanks a lot. in sports the a's will play the texas rangers in arlington tonight with both teams carrying
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heave hearts following the death of a fan in thursday night's game. here's sports. >> good morning. this sort of tragedy would mess with anyone's head, let alone someone with the past of a josh hamilton. he isn't just any other player. besides being a reigning mvp, he's also a recovering drug addict. he said what he did after shannon fell from the stands. >> i was a mess. they said, you know, he had a couple hurt arms and head but he was talking, asking about his son. immediately i thought he was going to be okay. but then found out after the game he wasn't. just a shock. the bomb was dropped on us. i can't imagine how his whole family is feeling and my heart and sympathies and prayers go out to them. >> the a's have donated $5,000 to the rangers memorial fund set
5:23 am
up for stone. pitchers in the bullpen were closest to him. they are taking the news of his death equally as hard. >> it's surreal to think that that happened at our baseball game last night. we play this game for fun, and there's just so many enjoyable things about it and the one thing we love to see is the little kids at the ballpark. you hate that this was that kid's experience last night. >> a moment of silence prior to last night's game. players sporting black ribbons in honor of shannon stone. josh hamilton in the lineup and his night began with a single off gio gonzales. he was at first base when mike napoli blasted a grand slam. and scott sizemore a shot to left. nobody aboard. that's a solo homer, make it 5-1. sizemore's first of the year. and the power surge continued for texas.
5:24 am
kinsler takes gio deep. that finds the stands. 6-1. three batters later, adrian beltre. gio did not have all-star stuff last night. he lasted just four innings in the 8-5 loss. mets in town to finish off the giants first half of the season. san francisco two up in the west on arizona coming in. mlb network airing the game. we go top five. giants up 1-0. ryan vogelsong hangs the pitch high in the zone. angelpygan makes him pay. >> sheer holds drives one to deep right. if it is fair this is a tie game. and it is! a flash! >> the call. into mccovey cove and the fan is right. his first splashdown. brian wilson pitching a third straight game. hairston a solo homer to left.
5:25 am
tack on two more and arizona winner last night. they are now a game back of san francisco in the west. i want to show you the weakest fight in major league history. well, maybe i'm not right but it seems right. david ortiz, a routine pop in the eighth. kevin gregg takes exception. ortez runs out. not a single punch landed. both ejected. and we will also wonder what could have been for you ming. he's retiring from the nba after just 8 seasons. an icon in his homeland of china. he took the nba by storm when he was drafted by the huston rockets in 2002. chronic leg and foot injuries put away his hope for a hall of fame career. and it cost them all of
5:26 am
their wins from last year, the sugar bowl victory over arkansas. the program is also under a self-imposed two year probation. because of thunderstorms postponed the majority of play yesterday, or actually thursday, the u.s. women's open became a test of endurance on friday. the castle in colorado spring. didn't know that existed. the reigning champ, paula kramer, able to get in 29 holes. she's at 1-under tied for fifth. the leader, stacy lewis, in the clubhouse at 4-under. unable to finish her second round because thunderstorms hit again. conclusion of the second round and third-round play on the docket today. best arrayals of any sport, tour de france, and it's not even close. more wreckage than racing this year. a massive pileup brought it to a standstill. mark, another stage win. be sure to tune in five, six and
5:27 am
eleven. plenty more golf to go with a's and giants and the earthquakes. until then, have a great day, everyone. >> next at 5:30. >> the captain was inept. >> how bay area survivors of a doomed fishing expedition said the captain put hem in even more danger of going down with the ship. and positive news coming out of yesterday's otherwise dismal jobs report, the opportunities on the [ male announcer ] you don't make the world's best chicken by pressing a button.
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5:30 am
small boats that were available. the story from laura anthony. >> i asked them, i said have you called the coast guard and he didn't say anything but he kept staring at me. >> fish being boat survivor gary hanson said the captain of the eric made mow effort to notify authorities or hanson and their fellow passengers that their boat was sinking in stormy waters. hanson had his own notation device, grabbed an ice chest and dove into the water. >> i started swimming away from the ship and the top edge of the ship started coming down at me and hit the cooler that i was trying to drag out. it didn't roll over like it said it did, it had the bow sticking up in the air. within 30 seconds it went straight down out of sight, it was gone. >> 15 hours later, sunburned and exhausted, he was pulled from the the water by a passing motorboat. other survivors made it to an island and were rescued and given medical treatment as shown in the cellphone images provided by the mexican navy. >> the captain was inept, at least to say.
5:31 am
he should be prosecuted. >> this manmade it on to one of the small boats that was on the eric. >> there was never any warning to us. there was no may day. we didn't see any beacon, no flares. a beacon you throw in the water and gps picks it up immediately. >> this man also survived. he's worried about those who haven't been found. >> thank you. >> they are all good people. >> barbara's neighbor, bruce marr, returned to his walnut creek home late thursday night. >> it's going to be a difficult thing, i would imagine. you know, losing friends and not knowing their whereabouts today especially. >> while survivors recover, several bay area families still wait for word on missing loved ones. >> we have to face the fact that, you know, this outcome may not end up being the way we want. so for us, you know, one of the
5:32 am
places we know for a fact that hasn't been searched is inside the boat. >> so far 2200 miles have been searched. they will be back out there tomorrow. as for how long the search will continue, the coast guard spokesman told me they will take it day-by-day. in san ramon, laura anthony, abc7 news. some good news on the jobs front. there are openings for temporary jobs. the jobs involving repairing damage to the santa cruz harbor caused by the tsunami from japan's massive earthquake in march. it pays more than $11 an hour and supervisors can make more than $18 an hour. the jobs will last no more than six months. they are open to adults who lost their jobs as a result of the natural disaster. people who have been out of work the past 15 of 22 weeks can also apply. the application deadline is july 20th. president obama is asking for partisan politics to be set aside to get the nation's financial house in order.
5:33 am
his weekly address comes on the heels of yesterday's dismal jobs report and ahead of talks on the upcoming debt. the labor department said the country's unemployment rate rows to 9.2% in june. >> the democrats and republicans don't see eye to eye on a number of issues. we are going to continue to working over the week stoned bridge the gaps. the good news is we agree on some of the big things. we agree after a decade of racking up deficits and debts, we need to get our fiscal house in order. we agree to do that both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. >> he said the economic recovery is fragile and not producing enough jobs. he said the last thing they can afford right now is game playing or kicking the problems down the road. the latest numbers are little to cheer about but there is hope on the horizon at least in certain industries. johnathan bloom has a look at the flip side of the dismal
5:34 am
unemployment report. >> carpenters, plumbers and electricians. together they are known as the skilled trades. a vital part of the construction industry and the number one hardest job to find qualified plants for -- applicants for according to manpower. >> with the work we do you don't want people unskilled or untrained. what we do is dangerous. anything can go wrong at any time and if you don't have the proper training, you are not an asset to the job site. >> paul kennedy is a fourth-generation electrician. he started by attending a union training program in san mateo county and became an apprentice. with the recession putting a stop to many building projects, the waiting list for the apprentice ships is miles long. >> it's not fair for the person who put them in a class and then say go find your own job. we don't view it that way. if there's no job we don't want to bring them in. >> but katheryn barber who heads the training program said things
5:35 am
are about to turnaround for skilled tradesman with three hospitals and an airport terminal to be built here the next year. that's why it hops the list of jobs manpower predicts will have a lot of vacancies and no one to fill them. followedpy engineers, drivers, and accounting staff to round out the top five. also it staff, managers, teachers, administrative staff and machinists. for carpenter ben, it couldn't come soon enough. he's been on the waiting list for the electrician waiting program. the union finally has a space to let him in. >> being an electrician is something something i wanted to do. i was fortunate to be in a carpenter's union and had a job in the meantime. >> they said there will be even more openings in the next few years because a lot of electricians and carpenters are getting close to retirement. not as many are going into those trades as there were years ago but that means more money and
5:36 am
jobs for those who do. abc news. >> if you have driven the bay bridge lately you probably couldn't help a lot of work going on in the new span. what are the orange things hang off the tower? abc7 transportation reporter, heather, answers that question and others. >> those two reddish-orange strips hanging from the west side of the new bay bridge tower are cat walks. they are twelve feet wide made of wire misch. eventually workers will walk on the steeply-angled ramps for the suspension cable that wraps around the hall mark tower, reaching more than 500 feet above sea level. >> it's a 35-degree angle but our workers are skilled and trained and they are experienced and they know what they are doing. >> this animation shows what the finished product will look like. with the cable draped up and over the top of the tower and wrapping around the road bed at both ends. that curved section of metal below the cat walk shows the cable will take and the cat walks now sit about 4 feet below
5:37 am
where the cable will hang. >> there is an appear rat us that they are going to use to feed the cable through the print it needs to go in. it's a humongous thing. >> workers will be tethered to the cat walks as they work. they are no strangers to working at altitude. it's hard to tell from old film but it looks like workers on the construction of the old bay bridge did their jobs untethered. the cable on the new bridge will be one mile of unspliced bundles of cables n a warehouse near the bridge 137 bundles of cable, each one mile long, situating underneath blue tarps. two more cat walks on the eastern side still need to be installed and work on putting the cable in place should begin next year. heather ishimaru, abc7 news. lisa joins us now. looking at the forecast, the changing forecast. >> we've been waiting for the cool down for the most part inland. that's coming today.
5:38 am
we had a few low mid-90s yesterday. low clouds and fog this morning in emeryville. the cooler air will be flowing through the delta and into the east bay today. how long it's going to last? i'll tell you next. >> also ahead a disturbing discovery in what had been shark-infested waters. why sign he tests are so concerned about the disappearance are the ocean's largest predator. you gotta try honey bunches of oats with almonds! it's got real, sliced california almonds with a third less sugar per serving than honey nut cheerios. wow! delicious! try honey bunches of oats with almonds!
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>> welcome back. 5:40 on a saturday morning. there's a beautiful shot. we have a golden sunrise coming on if you are high enough to see it. you see the clouds out there blocking it for a lot of people. but we have an interesting day on the way. he'sa has all the specifics coming up in weather in just a minute. today the royal couple is traveling to the posh santa barbara racket club for a polo game. the duke and duchess of cambridge flew into los angeles. >> we have the flags, the shirts, the flags, we are ready.
5:41 am
>> we love you will and kat. he. we hope you love your stay. we love you! >> prince william and kate middleton went to the governor's home. this is kate's first trip ever to the united states. if you are with the entourage, keep in mind northern california is really one of the places you want to go if you want to see california. >> yeah, who needs california. >> and this would be a great day to come up here and sample the many climates we have just about every day. >> that's right. no 90s today. morgan hills in the to the's. if you are hoping for cooler weather it's on the way. if you like the heat you will be waiting for a while. we will see progressively cooler and cooler weather in the days ahead. 5:56, the official sunrise. 8:34 the sunset. look at all the clouds out there. this is, of course, downtown
5:42 am
san francisco. we are looking at numbers in the 50s this morning. 59 in mountain view. good morning, san jose. 54 for you. it's 60 redwood city with low 50s from santa rosa to the city here. we are looking at the fog this morning. it's going to clear and we will look for cooler conditions area-wide today with temperatures bottoming out in the middle of next week. so we will be even out of the 80s next week. we have a trough to the north of us. this is allowing the cooler pool of air to slowly sink to the south. but it's really the low clouds, the fog, the stronger on shore flow that will allow for the cooler pattern to develop for the rest of the weekend. and then really bottom out into early next week. so, yeah, not going to feel much like summer. here are the temperatures across the state today. still some triple digits from fresno to palm springs. low 90s in sacramento. a huge improvement here but upper 80s in yosemite, still pleasant there.
5:43 am
80 tahoe and 110 palm springs. look what happens tomorrow, very little change. numbers coming down a couple more degrees. 99 fresno, 83 los angeles with 103 vegas and still cool numbers to the north in eureka. we are looking at upper 70s today. we have the upper 50s at the coast, afternoon sunshine but running cool with the strong breezy winds at time. 76 palo alto, and 64 south city. partly cloudy skies. in the north bay look for low 80s for santa rosa with 78. 79 sonoma, 75. near east bay mid-60s for berkeley. 70 hayward, 76 fremont, and you head inland, numbers here are down anywhere from 8 to
5:44 am
10 degrees. so we are looking at 85 pits burke, 84 in pleasanton, and the fog a little bit deeper here around the monterey bay than we are in the north bay. we are looking at highs only in the low 60s later on today. 84 gilroy. here's the seven-day accuweather forecast. with very little change today and tomorrow, the spread upper 60s to the coast to mid-80s inland. monday and tuesday evening, cooler. maybe pretty cool for a lot of folks expect being summer-like weather in july. we are looking at a slow warmup by the end of next week. >> it only fits because we had winter like weather in june. >> isn't that true? you are making some sense there. >> you seem so surprised. wait a minute. all right. researchers at the academy of sciences in golden gate park are home. abc7 was the only station with the bay area scientists as they
5:45 am
discovered 300 species believed to be new to science. still as important is we focus on what they did not find. this is a cautionary tale you will see only on abc7. >> the philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, a spectacular wonderland, captured in this underwater video by an academy photographer. scientists spent more than a month off the island here searching for all kinds of life. divers focused on an area to have the world's richest corral reefs. now with a big exception. >> we only saw two sharks during 1,000 dives. >> john is one of the world's top shark experts. he said 30 years ago things were very different here. >> every time i would be in the water i would be surrounded by sharks. there were sharks everywhere. i was kind of nervous at first but he got over it when i realized those sharks weren't dangerous sharks. >> john said the disappearance of sharks is what is really dangerous. he blames overfishing. >> the removal of top-level
5:46 am
predators like sharks that are so critical to our ecology causes a downward collapse and cascade, a spiral where you have ecosystem collapse. >> one way they figure out which fish is left in the ocean is to see what's your sale in fish markets. this one is in manila. >> do you sell sharks? no sharks? >> mow. >> we didn't see any sharks in the fish market. not because they don't want to sell them, but the sharks are all gone. >> the academy team also spent a week on a research boat in the deep sea off the philippines. >> we haven't seen a single shark at the surface. >> but from from the surface they did find more than a dozen small sharks 1500 to 3,000 feet deep. >> and shark living as deep as it does, it won't be killed. >> they are believed to be a new species of swell sharks with the ability to change body shape. sometimes sleek and streamlined,
5:47 am
sometimes rolly poly like this one. >> that's nothing. when they are in their habitat and frightened by a larger predator, they will swallow enough water to look like a bowling ball with finishes on it. >> these new-found sharks were treated like celebrities by the scientists, excited by discovery but worried about the worldwide decline. >> about a decade ago sharks started to disappear and disappear by as many as 73 million a year, primarily to have their finishes cutoff to be sold to the asian community for shark finish soup. >> several are being brought back to san francisco for research. but most were returned gently to the water to spawn a new generation where researchers hope other sharks will get the same chance. >> life in the ocean depends on it. dan ashley reporting. the california assembly has passed a ban on the sale of shark finish. the senate is expected to consider the bill next month. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> the big screen tv starts
5:48 am
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of wakin' up... ♪ mommy, you did it! ♪ is folgers in your cup. >> would you look at this. a shot out toward mount diablo. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. you see the sun about to come up. nice and golden california sunrise. lisa will talk about temperatures and fog and much more in just a few minutes.
5:50 am
friars big screen tvs have come way down in recent years but if something goes wrong they can be pretty expensive to fix. so what do you do when something does go wrong? 7 on your side michael finney looks into that question. >> eddie enjoyed his big screen television until he turn it off one night and mysteriously the tv turned itself back on. >> i said boy, did i turn offer the tv or did i accidentally turn it back on? >> so he turned it off again. to his surprise it came back on again all by itself. eddie was baffled. >> i used the remote control, turned it offer again and right before my eyes after i turn it off, click, it turned back on by itself. >> before it filled the tv, it turned offer again. the tv seemed to have a mind of its own. >> it would constantly click on and off, on and off. >> eddie had to pull the plug to get it to stop. the next day the same things happened. >> i couldn't watch any of the
5:51 am
programming because before the picture would even come on, it would turn off by itself. >> the tv was two and a half years old, long out of its one year warranty but he thought it was a little soon for a $2,000 tv set to die. so he contacted the manufacturer, lg electronics. he spoke with customer service agents over two weeks. he kept a log of the call where agents kept agreeing the whole thing must be frustrating. >> one of the executives said why did you not by the extended warranty? i don't think it should be breaking down after less than three years of owning it. >> he went on line and found other folks had the same problem with lgs, suddenly turning themselves off. >> it's frustrating. this is the unique nature of today's tvs. they are really computers with monitors attached to them. >> he says today's des or a lot more complicated than tube tvs of the past.
5:52 am
yet this kind of problem is relatively rare. >> when your tv dice after two years and goes into something like this, you are really more the victim of bad luck than technology. >> eddie wasn't happy with his luck so he turned to 7 on your side and we contacted lg. the company said it had agreed to pay for a new parts for eddie's tv, two circuit boards costing around 3 hundred dollars. eddie, however, had to cover the 1835 labor charges. lg said we have double checked with our experts and found that this is not a common problem. even though the tv set was out of warranty, lg covered the cost of the parts. >> the part they replaced solved the problem. i'm a little weary now turning off the tv. >> to prolong the life after digital tv, use a power strip that monitors the electrical flow. it's called a conditioner. tvs can be damaged not only from a power strike or surge but also a brownout that reduces the
5:53 am
electrical fluff. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up next, many people have had those horrible bosses. don sanchez is on the isle to review a movie of the same name. ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you.
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from last night's megamillions drawing. no one got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $24 million. >> a new adult comedy, horrible bosses. they are so bad employees want to kill them. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez checks it out. >> i can crush you anytime i want. >> kevin spacey is evil and loves to torture employees.
5:56 am
>> is it working? i'm sorry. >> jennifer aniston talks dirty and has only one thing on her mind, this is harassment. >> oh, yeah, we have to trim some of the fat around here. >> what do you mean about trim the fat? >> i want you to fire the fat people. >> these guys are so horrendous that three of their employees decide to off them. >> i will be your murder consultant. >> do you want to pull it off like it's an accident? >> that's jamie foxx with a name we can never use on television. that's what puts it into another realm. it is figure think and nasty. jennifer aniston gets rid of her nice girl image here. foul body bombs and body talk. it's over the top. and some funny stuff. >> 6 is 11 in a 21 zone? >> i was drag racing. >> in a prius? >> i don't win a lot.
5:57 am
>> it is a raunchy film. eventually the cast members intersect and what a collision that is. this is probably a scenario we can all embrace. horrible bosses, i'm sure we've had at least one. for me it was many years ago. to me i think it proves good guys can finish first. overlook the language and i will give it a half bucket. i'm don sanchez. abc7 news. see you on the isle. >> next at six, missed opportunity on a staggering scale. the new report about how many times jaycee dugard could have been saved. and the family vacation that end in tragedy, who was onboard that in tragedy, who was onboard that
5:58 am
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